Antje Ehrenburg

Antje Ehrenburg: ecological consultancy. I’d like to help you with:

  • ecological research
  • advice on nature management
  • advice on texts and communication
  • children’s parties out in the nature (English spoken)
  • outings and excursions in the dunes
  • education: nature lessons for schools and after school care

About me

About Antje Ehrenburg: I am an experienced and varied ecologist. Because of my long experience in ecological consultancy¬†I guarantee good quality of my ecological research advice and education, and my ecological consultancy products. Both for business and private principles. Answering your questions about nature is my goal, ranging from a substantive report to a children’s party in the dunes.

Please do inquire non-committal about the possibilities of my consultancy. If necessary I cooperate with other professionals.
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Children’s party

Are you a young professional parent and your life is full of work and more? No time to organize a children’s party for your son or daughter?
With my children’s parties out in the dunes your children will be able to explore new situations and experience new things they never did before. And I will make you enjoy your children’s party again! Let’s make it what it really should be: a joyful event for you √°nd your child!
I can offer:

  • Knightly quest
  • Beach party
  • GPS-hike in nature
  • Clean up heroes
  • Other parties in nature?

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Do you like a guided tour in the Dutch dunes? Enjoying a private tour with family or friends? I can guide such an excursion.
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